Hi, I am Sanam Zeb and I am writing this in a Gloria Jeans, drinking weak coffee because my favourite barista is not here today. Now that we are done discussing the tragedies I face, let me tell you more about myself.

I am a sub-editor at the Dawn newspaper , the largest English broadsheet in Pakistan and I work at the Islamabad desk. I also report for the paper and produce research based stories. I have worked at the paper for two years and I am slowly easing into and finding my way around the various subjects I have reported on and exploring some more to find a speciality for myself, though I know I want to work more on women and war related stories.

I am a graduate of the University of Kent’s Centre For Journalism, the best school for journalism in the UK from which I earned a degree in 2015.

I started this site for a number of reasons. My head is one big labyrinth of ideas and I have been stealing myself from starting a blog post for so long. It is time my thoughts had an out and a space to reside that is not my head.

Also,I have started a number of different projects and I want to bring them all in one place. For instance, a few years ago, I started a blog in which I would chronicle real life stories of honour violence that I encountered. I have since closed that blog and will include those stories here. Or, I am starting a library of audio books for blind children in Pakistan. I started that project two years ago and have asked many people to send in a recording of any children’s book to me. I have quite a few books now and will soon upload them here.

Thank you for visiting the site, I hope to see you here often

Have a wonderful day,

Sanam Zeb



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